Now that the clocks have changed it’s time to replace not only your smoke alarm batteries, but also your windshield wipers. Your windshield wipers are one of the easiest parts of your vehicle to maintain. Here are 4 signs that it’s time for new wipers.

1. Streaking or hazing on the windshield when it rains.

If the wipers blades aren’t coming into contact with the corners or some spot in the middle of the windshield, you need to replace them.

2. A juddering noise when your wipers are on.

This noise means they're not wiping smoothly, but popping up and down as they go. Not only is that noise irritating, but it usually means the wipers aren’t cleaning your windshield the way they should because they’re only in contact with the glass some of the time. This can cause vision problems when you’re driving, especially at night.

3. The rubber edge looks worn or torn in places.

If the rubber blade is not one smooth piece, it’s time for new wiper blades.

4. The metal arm is bent.

The metal arm of your wipers can get bent or damaged for all sorts of reasons, including going through some car washes. Rough handling of the wiper blades when you wipe them down can also bend them. If the frame or the blade is bent, it won’t come into contact with your windshield properly, so it’s time to replace them.